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Background Battles


So, I got onto a better connection and have spent a good few hours trying to figure out how to customise my own theme/background, and am starting to wonder whether it was all worth it. It seems that if you type ‘free blog backgrounds’ into google, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are free, and I had a few issues with security settings when I went to apply my preferred image. However, after some searching and fiddling, around I have managed to get it to work with an image that I quite like, what do you think?And now that I am finally happy with my background I have forgotten how I changed the colour of my font, and white doesn’t really work for this one.. hmm perharps I will have to keep exploring the features of edublogs. As confusing as it was to change my background, I think it is great that you can customise the look of your blog, I know this is the norm for most blogs but, I’m an amateur, so I’m impressed.

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“Background Battles”

  1. August 25th, 2011 at 12:26 pm       Narelle Says:

    Your background is very impressive! I’d like to reap the benefits of your toil; could you PLEASE send me the link to your background?

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