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Coming into this unit I had never even heard of Edublogs. However, week after week I have used it to update my progress and new findings and have found it to be a incredibly useful tool. Not only is it good as a student, but I can see its potential to be used well as a teacher, parent or just general user. It has many capabilites and I am forever reading about and learning about all the differnt features that it has to offer. I am glad I have been introduced to what could be a very udeful tool in my future as a teacher as well as a learner.

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Technology, where will it end?


So, I have been looking around at everyones blogs this week and have noticed that the use of iPads is a hot topic. I am all for technology becoming more regular in the classroom, as it is such a huge part of our every day lives. However, I do worry that we are becoming too dependent on it, and that it will eventually become the basis of schooling. I understand that they are an inivative way to combine all subjects into the one unit rather than several books and allow the students to explore many other areas of learning, but I don’t want to see an extinction of pen and paper!

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From what I can gather, Diigo is a website which allows easy bookmarking, and enables its users to ‘collect, highlight, access and share a variety of information, on a variety of devices’. With this in mind I think it would be a very useful and time efficient tool, it would make life easier when searching for resources and collecting information as a teacher, and also a student. However, my lack of technology skills have been my downfall again and am not finding the site easy to use. I selected the help tab, which gave me great assistance and bettered my understanding of how the site operates. I would suggest you have a look at this if you’re having trouble.


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Continuing to Explore Edmodo


I am continuing to discover more and more applications to the Edmodo site. The more time I spend on it the more familiar I am becoming with the way it works and the features that it offers. I recently created my own community, with the intention of using it as an interactive classroom. It was easily set up and you are able to select what grade level the ‘community’ is aimed at and for what subject it will be based around. Once the community is created it enables you to invite other users and add polls, assignments and any general post into the news feed, which all members of the community will have access to. This feature would be a helpful tool for a teacher trying to incorporate technology into their classroom, an assignment could be created into a community that all students are following, questions and discussions could be posted to create an easy access to help and hints. It would allow the students to interact with each other while also incorporating technology and the help of the teacher.

As a teacher this feature appeals to me a lot, and I think it could be used successfully in a classroom setting.

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Google Reader


I have recently activated a Google Reader Account and found it a bit difficult to grasp.

I spent some time fiddling around with the different areas and tabs and discovered the ‘subscribe’ tool. It allows you to enter a URL of another blog into the search bar and then it automatically brings up all the posts that have been published to that blog. It is simple, easy and time effective and allows the viewing of blogs to be easy and time efficient. As far as I can tell, you are able to add as many subscriptions as you want and can view them at any time. If the students in a classroom were working on submitting a blog as part of their assessment then Google Reader would be a much more efficient way for the teacher to access and critique their submissions. Rather than individually accessing their blog accounts.

Google Reader is a tool to simplify things, and as a teacher this can be a great help.

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Customizing my Blog


print screen

I have been playing around with the features on edublogs and have discovered the ‘Customize Design’ tab, which allows you to create an interactive sidebar and differ the appearance of your blog page to others. You can select your own personal image as your header just by browsing your personal documents and selecting an image that you prefer. With most things, appearance can play a huge role. It can determine whether something is engaging, boring, fun or dull and generally forms a strong first impression. So, this feature is a great way to make your blog attractive and improve readers desire to want to read and explore it. Having a calender on the side bar, as well as a search bar and an area to view recent posts is a great way to make viewing simple and time effective. They are easy to activate, just dragging your preferred widget into the side bar and saving it will make it viewable on your blog. It’s a great feature.

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Edmodo Features


Screen Shot

For week one’s task we were asked to explore some of the features on the Edmodo website and focus on one that we wanted to learn more about. For this I focused on the ‘Assignment’ feature.

The Assignment feature allows you to upload a details of an assignment, including the title, assignment details, and due date. The due date is then loaded into the each group members calender. To use this feature is fairly simple, you just click on the assignment tab on the top of the home screen, where posts are made, and enter the details of the assignment. This would be a great tool for setting assignments in the classroom, you could have your entire class join the group which would allow them to keep up to date on any changes and have an instant reminder of the due date. It would be more suitable for the older years, but with assistance could also be incorporated into mid-years as well.

I see Edmodo as a very useful tool that could be very valuable to teachers as well as students, the use of technology is forever increasing in the classroom and this would be a great website to keep the students connected with not only the teacher, but also their fellow students.

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Hello all,

My name is Laura and I am a second year student at Deakin in Warrnambool. I am studying Primary Education and am enjoying the course very much so far. I travel from Mount Gambier each week to attend classes, so that can sometimes make things tricky. I am fairly uneducated when it comes to computers and available software’s so I thought this unit would be a good chance to broaden my skills as I will no doubt need them in my future teaching years. Looking forward to discovering a few new things.

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